Happy Diwali !!

happy DiwaliHappy Diwali !!!
Warm wishes to all of you on this auspicious festival of light and hope all of you have a fun filled Diwali.

Festivals are the best time to work and enjoy as a family. Everyone is in a festive mood and involved in household chores in one way or other. Some are busy making sweets, others busy eating them. Some are busy cleaning the house and others are busy messing up and bursting fire crackers. Some are busy making rangolis (floor patterns with colours), others are busy dropping colour everywhere. Well that covers almost everyone in the family 😉

It is a very busy time with all the cleaning, cooking and managing kids (with school holidays of 10 days). Fortunately I realised in time that it was futile to expect reasonable behaviour from kids in holidays so this Diwali I acted very smart and involved them in Diwali decoration so that their energy can be utilised in the proper manner. We decorated diyas, made rangolis and sweets. This not only helped in keeping them away from TV and Playstation but also got them all excited about Diwali. My 10 years old son loved it so much that he stayed awake late to finish colouring the diyas. My younger son who is only 4 years old took charge of providing colours, dusters and some entertainment by dancing to the loud music. Here I am sharing some photos of diyas and rangoli we made.

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     Rangoli – Happy Diwali

 Floor Rangoli – Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali Again !!!



Happy Diwali - colorful diye

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Update: Check my latest post on 10 very easy amazing Diwali craft ideas

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handmade cards for Diwali

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washi tapes tea light candle


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kaju ki barfi

Bhakarwadi 5

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