Nariyal burfi with apple pie filling

nariyal burfi with apple pie filling 3

Nariyal Burfi with Apple Pie filling

Happy Holi to all my friends and lovely readers!!!

Today I am sharing with you recipe of Nariyal Burfi with Apple Pie filling. For nariyal burfi I have used same recipe as that of Nariyal Ladoo and Nariyal burfi with Gulkand. Filling is same as that I use in Apple pie.

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What do you do if you ask your husband to buy 1 kg apples and he comes back home with 3 kgs. You make Apple Jam of course 😉
My apple jam recipe is quite similar to apple pie filling that I make. So I thought of adding the Jam to the Nariyal burfi to give it a new twist. I have tried this filling with Mawa Burfi on Diwali and it was a huge hit with family and visitors.

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The burfi is juicy flavourful and it just melts in your mouth. Kids were already sold at mention of apple pie filling J

How to make Nariyal Burfi with Apple Pie filling

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time : 30 minutes for burfi+ 10minutes for apple pie filling


4 cups milk
3 cups nariyal burada/dessicated coconut
1 cup sugar

2 medium size Apples
2 tbsp Sugar
¼ cup water
½ tsp Cinnamon powder
½ tsp lemon juice(optional)

To make Nariyal Burfi with Apple Pie filling

apple pie filling


Peel, wash core the Apples and cut into very small pieces. In a thick bottomed pan add sugar and water to apple and let it cook on slow flame for 10-15 minutes till the apples are soft. For flavor add cinnamon powder. If apples are too sweet you can add lemon juice to enhance its taste. Check sugar and if It is less you can add more but it is better to keep it less sweet as burfi is also sweet.

Mix all the burada/nariyal powder, sugar and milk in a wide non stick pan and keep on high flame stirring in between. After 4-5 minutes reduce the flame to low and let it cook for around 25- 30 minutes on low flame.

Mixture should become thick and milk should not be visible at all.

Let it cool for some time.

nariyal burfi with apple pie filling 2
Grease the utensil lightly with ghee in which you want to set burfi. Or you can line it with parchment paper/clean wrap as it makes handling and cutting of burfi easy.

Spread the burfi mixture in a thick layer. Spread apple pie filling over it uniformly. Keep it in fridge for about an hour or two to set the burfi.

nariyal burfi with apple pie filling 1
Cut into desired shape.
Keep the burfi in fridge and it tastes good as long as 1-2 week.  It tastes best when fresh so it is better to consume it in first week.
nariyal burfi with apple pie filling 6




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