Nariyal ladoo

nariyal ladoo 1Nariyal Ladoo – Nariyal Ladoo recipe that I am sharing with you today is really easy to make. There are just three ingredients involved. The nariyal ladoos that we get are so juicy, yummy and soft that they simply melt in your mouth.
Nariyal Ladoo - Diwali recipe, festival sweets, easy to make, 3- ingredient recipe
nariyal burada 1

I met a friend of mine, Veenu, around Diwali time on my grocery store and I was buying Nariyal Burada for making Gunjiya. She said that we make this Nariyal ladoo in the ratio 4:3:1 and they are quite popular with their guests. And she insisted that they are REALLY good and I must give them a try.

nariyal ladoo 3
Since then I have made these around 5-6 times and the results have been great all the time.
The ratio 4:3:1 is of milk: nariyal Burada (desiccated coconut powder): sugar. I just reserve some nariyal Burada for rolling the ladoos in.

nariyal ladoo 4
I have been so busy with my elder son’s exams that I did not get time to post anything for so long. I made these last month and they have been lying in my draft for the last 20 days. I was also not very satisfied with the photographs as the weather was really bad that day. But the recipe is so good that I could not stop myself from sharing it.
A perfect sweet to make this Holi.

nariyal ladoo 6

How to make Nariyal Ladoo

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Making balls of ladoo : 5 minutes

Makes around 30 Ladoos though it may depend on the size you choose

Note: you can halve or double the recipe as per your wish just keep the ratio same.

4 cups milk
3 cups nariyal Burada/desiccated coconut powder
1 cup sugar

you can add nuts or elaichi powder. I don’t as me family loves them as it is.

To make Nariyal Ladoo

 Remove 3 tbsp coconut powder from the 3 cups for rolling the ladoo.

Mix rest of the Burada/nariyal powder, sugar, and milk in a wide nonstick pan and keep on high flame stirring in between. After 4-5 minutes reduce the flame to low and let it cook for around 25- 30 minutes on low flame.
nariyal burada ladoo

The mixture should become thick and milk should not be visible at all.
Let it cool for some time and make ladoos when the mixture is cool enough to handle.
nariyal burada
Roll them in the desiccated coconut. I got around 30 Ladoos.
Keep the Ladoos in the fridge.

ladoo nariyal

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15 Responses to Nariyal ladoo

  1. Divya says:

    Super yumm recipe…tnx a lot ..turned out awsome..

  2. Divya says:

    Such an easy n yumm recipe…turned out grt..thnk u so much…‼

  3. Divya says:

    Thnk u so very much for such an easy n yumm recipe..turned out just wow…‼

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  8. Swati says:

    Hi Bhabhi
    Is sugar to be added at the end when milk dries up or at the beginning itself? Also here we get two kinds of nariyal burada. One s powder and the other is like sev. Which one should I use?


    • Nidhi says:

      Hi Swati didi. Sugar will be added at the beginning along with all the other ingredients. I think you should use powder coconut. mine was also burada type.

  9. Roshni says:

    Thank you for this excellent recipe. The ladoos were delicious and so simple to make.

    And this was a first for me because I usually buy mithai. I made your besan ki burfi recipe too. That was more work but the result was worth it.

    So a second thank you, for inspiring me to make sweets at home!

  10. Mrs Singh says:

    Hi Nidhi, thankyou for sharing such an easy recipe. This might seem like a silly query but I hope you can clarify it for me: the milk you used above, is it liquid full cream milk or milk powder? Your instuctions are very clear and precise, its just the milk that confused me!
    Thanks and have a lovely day,
    Mrs Singh, Malaysia

    • Nidhi says:

      Thanks Mrs Singh. I have used cow’s milk (liquid) . After boiling when the milk gets cold I generally remove the cream and use the milk though there is not much cream in cows milk. you can use less fat milk easily for this recipe as coconut itself has fat.If you try please let me know how it turns out.:-)

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