poha with vegetables



                               Poha with vegetables
Poha is one of the most common breakfasts made nowadays. It is quite healthy. There are so many ways to make it and so many vegetables to add to it. Especially in winters season.

I love making poha in winters as you can add carrots and peas to it to make it healthier. You can also add orange slices to it to give a nice flavor. Yeah you heard me right. Orange slices in poha. But that’s how my mother makes it. It really takes your everyday poha to a new level. Try it.

It is not only perfect for breakfast but can be had as evening snack or even a light dinner.

poha 1



To make your poha soft you should steam it for some time around 15 minutes. This is not essential but steaming makes poha soft and fluffy and you can get away with using less oil. Win win situation I say 🙂

How to make poha with Vegetables

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes + 15 minutes for steaming
serves around 4 persons


2 cups poha/ chivda

1 tbsp peanuts
2 boiled potato
1 green chilly cut into small pieces
1 carrot peeled and cut into small pieces
2 tbsp fresh peas
slices from 1 orange

1 tbsp oil

¼ tsp rai/ mustard seeds
5-6 curry leaves
¼ tsp turmeric powder
¼ tsp red chilli powder

Salt to taste
1 tsp sugar

Coriander leaves to garnish

To serve

Lemon slices, green chutney, tomato sauce

Note: you can add or change the vegetables according to your taste.

To make poha with Vegetables

take poha  wash poha


soak poha

Take poha in a big chalni and wash it under running water.Leave it to soak for some time while you cook your vegetables.


peanuts   potatoes

Take a wide pan. Heat oil and fry the groundnuts for 1-2 minute.

Remove from the pan and add potato, green chili and curry leaves to the same oil. Fry for another 2 minutes. Add a pinch of turmeric powder and salt to potatoes.

peas carrots  mix all

Remove potatoes and cook carrots and peas for 2-3 minutes till they are done. Add all the vegetables, peanuts to the pan.

add spices

Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt and sugar to it and mix thoroughly.

mix  steam poha


Add poha to the vegetables in the pan. Mix thoroughly and steam for 15 minutes. For steaming fill a wide pan with water put it on high flame and put our pan with poha on top of it. After 2-3 minutes change the flame to low and let it steam. Mix the poha 2-3 times in between.
Serve hot with lemon slices, ketchup  or green chutney.

poha 2

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