Posters for cricket match

Hi friends. Sorry for posting after such a long time. But this time ( at least) it is not my fault. As there was some problem with word press earlier and then my computer, I was not able to post. Today I am sharing with you some of the posters we made for IPL cricket match.





I am not a big fan of cricket but kids were super excited to watch a match in stadium. Though I have to admit that the experience of watching cricket match in stadium is quite different from that at home. The excitement there was infectious. Every body was cheering loudly for their teams. We went there with friends which added to the fun.


Kids made lots of posters but in our excitement we forgot to take photos. These are the only ones that came back from the stadium. These posters are super easy to make. you just need some poster papers, crayons or water colors, markers and glitter tapes. Let your imagination run wild.



Needless to say our team won the match. 🙂


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