8 Ways to enjoy mango this summer

8 Ways to enjoy Mango this summer 
who doesn’t love mango? king of fruits. Mango is such a versatile fruit . It is used in salads, sweet drinks, salty drinks, smoothies, juices, desserts, curries, pickles, ice creams. whichever way you use it mango manages to make our dishes awesome. it is used extensively in dishes in summers. Kids simply love eating mango.

I am sharing with you these 8 awesome mango recipes to enjoy in summers.
8 ways to enjoy Mango this summer | whatscookingmom.in

sweet and sour mango salad 
Your kids will simply love this salad. Juicy mango with cucumber, tomato and tangy dressing.
Mango salad - sweet, tangy, fruity, healthy, summer salad

Mango Icecream 
Look at the color of this Ice cream. Once you make this Ice cream at home you will not buy it from market again.
Homemade Mango Ice cream - with step by step pics| whatscookingmom.in


Mango Peach Smoothie

There is no need to add any sugar in this recipe. Fruits give it the sweet taste. Smoothies I love. First of all no cooking required, then they are very healthy, kids love them, they are always easy to make and drinking them gives a satisfaction.

Mango Peach Smoothie | whatscookingmom.in

Raw Mango Panna

Not only tasty this drink is also very healthy. This helps in heat strokes it has a cooling effect on stomach. It is good for digestion because of all the spices added.

raw mango panna

Mango Raita

Simple sweet yogurt made magical by adding mango pieces. Very flavorful and delicious

mango raita 1

Sweet and spicy raw mango chutney

This recipe is perfect to spice up your paranthas, pooris , Roti/chapati , sandwiches,  pulao or even mathri. you can have it in any meal.

mango chunda


Mango Kulfi

Homemade Kulfi made more awesome by adding our magic ingredient…..yes Mango

Mango kulfi | whatscookingmom.in

Mango shreekhand
Yogurt/Curd blended with sweet mango puree… perfect healthy dessert to complete your meal.

mango shreekhand 3


Do let us know which one you like the best 🙂 we would love to hear about your favorite Mango recipe.

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