Eggless Black Forest Cake


eggless black forest cake

Rich creamy yummy Eggless Black Forest Cake. Everybody loves Black forest cake. This is the only cake which we order for birthday parties if we are not making cake at home. I have made this cake after a long time as we generally make regular eggless cake without icing.
black forest cake
I have had this recipe for more than 15 years. My friend Vidhi’s sister made this cake and as soon as we took its first bite we were hoping she will offer a second piece to us 😉 I think she had got the recipe from Nita Mehta’s book.

eggless black forest cake 5
There were 4-5 girls in our group and we immediately took the recipe from her including me. Even though I was not much into cooking at that time. But the cake was so yummy so perfect that I knew I will be making it. And I did (after 4-5 years). I still use the same recipe with slight changes.
black forest cake 1
My brother and I had a record of finishing it in 24 hours. This cake never lasted for more than a day. Even today as I am writing this post there is not much cake left and it will be finished before 24 hours are up.
recipe for eggless black forest cake
The cake that we get from bakeries has a thick layer of icing. I have used very little but if you want a creamy look you can use more cream.
How to make Eggless Black Forest Cake

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Baking time: 40-45 minutes



250 grams maida/plain flour
4 heaped tsp cocoa
1 tsp baking powder

100 grams butter

1 can (400 grams) milkmaid/mithaimate

200 ml coke/pepsi

¾ cup water
½ cup sugar
(you can also use cherry syrup from the can instead of making sugar syrup)


1 cup cream fresh cream
2 tbsp powdered sugar
a few drops vanilla essence
1 small tin cherries
25-40 grams chocolate bar
To make Eggless Black Forest Cake

Lightly grease a baking pan. Preheat the oven to 180 C for 10-15 minutes.

Melt the butter in a pan. Cool and add milkmaid.

Sieve flour, baking powder and cocoa.
Mix some of the flour and milkmaid butter mixture with coke. Keep on adding the flour mixture and coke gradually and beat well.
Immediately pour into prepared pan and bake for 40-45 minutes at 180 C.
while the cake is baking you can make the sugar syrup by boiling water and sugar for 5 minutes. Cool it down.

Check by inserting knife whether the cake is uniformly baked or not especially at centre of the cake. If it is not done then bake it for another 5 minutes.
Leave the cake in oven for some time.
Take it out of oven and invert the pan over a rack. Tap the pan to remove the cake. Let the cake cool for some time.
Slit it horizontally into two parts.
Whip the cream till light and fluffy.

spread  add icing
Spread half of the sugar syrup on cut piece of cake. Spread whipped cream on it and destoned cherries. Put the other half piece over it and press slightly. Repeat the same process with sugar syrup, whipped cream and cherries. Cover all the sides of cake with remaining whipped cream.
Sprinkle grated chocolate on it.
Chill the cake before serving.

eggless black forest cake 4

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