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Hi friends. Just returned from a trip to Kashmir. So today I will share some of my tour photos with you. No recipe today, sorry :-). But I have tasted a lot of dishes there( Kahwa, Zafrani pulav, dum aloo) and will post about them soon.

Kahwa is on top of list. It is a kashmiri tea made with green tea, saffron, cinnamon dry fruits and honey. Its taste was so good that my father who does not drink tea at all was ready to have it whenever we got a chance. When I was in kashmir I thought the second I reach jaipur I will make this tea and put in on blog. But the second I got off the plane and Delhi’s hot air hit my face all the ideas of making Kahwa vanished. Jaipur is even worse. So let us wait for some rain as monsoon is predicted soon and then I will make this amazing tea from Kashmir.

night scene

Shikara ride is a must. There are vendors selling jewellery, soft drinks, clothes even  bhutta wala in other shikara. Whole experience was very nice.

Most of the roads are lined with fruit trees. There are Walnut, Apple, Cherry and Lokat trees.
Lokats are not available in markets now a days. At least not in Rajasthan. I was so happy to see these Lokat trees.

lokat tree

And for those of you who are wondering what is Lokat it is a sweet and sour juicy fruit. we bought some direct from the garden and they were really good. Here is the photo for you.


The road to Gulmarg

This is the first time in my life I have seen a Cherry tree. the farm owner were selling Cherries from the garden itself. We were so busy in taking photographs and posing that the Cherries box which we had purchased was finished in minutes and some of us were wondering what happened? where did it go?

cherry tree 1cherry tree


Apple trees laden with green Apples. Who would wait another 2-3 months to taste these delicious apples?

apple tree



Avantipura ruins

avantipur ruins


Avantipura has a number of ancient Hindu temples built by King Awanti Varman (AD 855- 883) when he chose the site as his capital. Avantishwar temple located at Jawbrari in the centre of a courtyard surrounded by a colonnaded peristyle is dedicated to Lord Shiva on the banks of the River Jhelum. Less than a kilometre away is Avantiswamin temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Most of the photos on this post have been taken by Axat for me. This Sunset at Dal lake is my favorite.

Sunset at Dal lake

sunset at dal lake

Pahalgam- beautiful, serene picturesque, green .. words fail me to describe this place.










yousmarg view

 And this is what I need after my vacation. A long sleep in cool shady place.




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