Chivda is a fried snack very popular during festivals. It is made by deep frying poha and adding fried peanuts, coconut pieces and curry leaves. You can also add cashews and raisins to it if you like.

It is a much liked festival snack especially by kids. My kids just love chivda and it is a must on all festivals.

Chivda 1

These photos have been in my draft for quite some time now. I do not know how I forgot to post them on Diwali.

Still better late than never:-)
How to make Chivda
preparation time: 5 minutes
cooking time: around 15 minutes

1 cup poha/ rice flakes
salt to taste
powdered sugar 1 tbsp
½ tsp red chilli powder
Oil for deep frying

1 tbsp oil
½ cup peanuts
2 tbsp dry coconut slices
8-10 curry leaves

To make Chivda


peanuts for chivda


Take ½ tbsp oil in a kadai and saute coconut pieces and curry leaves in them. After 2 minutes take them out and add ½ tbsp oil and peanuts to the kadai. As we are cooking peanuts without much oil it is important that you keep on stirring peanuts else they will get burnt. I do not deep fry peanuts. Take them out out as soon as they turn crisp and light pink. Add a little salt to the peanuts and mix in coconut pieces and curry leaves.
For frying poha

Heat oil in a kadai. Take a small amount of poha in a colander/chalni.

fry poha
Dip the chalni with poha in hot oil.
fried chivda
Fry poha till crisp.

Drain Chivda
Drain on newspaper or paper towels as fried poha absorbs a lot of oil. I change the paper 2-3 times to remove excess oil as much as possible.

Fry poha in small batches to get crisp chivda.

After chivda cools down a little add salt, powdered sugar and red chilli powder and mix. Add peanut mixture and mix everything nicely.
Let it cool down completely and then store in an airtight container.


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