Murmure ki Chikki

murmure ki chikki


Murmure ki Chikki


Happy Lohri and Makarsankranti to all you lovely readres!!!

Makar Sankranti is celebrated with lots of zeal and enthusiasm in Rajasthan. Whole sky is covered with colourful kites and you can hear ‘vo kate’ regularly. People are quite passionate about this festival.

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People spend all their time on roof and til and gur sweets are prepared on this festival.

So I am sharing today Murmure ki Chikki. Really Really easy to make and loved by kids.

How to make Murmure ki Chikki
Preparation time: 2-3 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes for roasting murmure + 7-8 minutes for Gur


2 cup Murmure/puffed rice
250 grams gur (Chikki was a little towards sweet side so you can use 200 grams also)
1 tsp ghee
1 tsp saunf/fennel seeds

To make Murmure ki Chikki


First of all keep a well greased thali and belan ready.
Note: You have to break pieces immediately after setting. You can also clean your kitchen counter and grease some area for spreading chikki. It is easier to break it this way.


roast murmure

Check murmure and remove impurities/black murmure if any. Dry roast murmure in a thick bottomed karahi/pan. Takes around 3-5 minutes and these should turn crisp.

cook gur

Remove murmure and cook Gur in the same pan.

color change

It will turn dark brown after 5-7 minutes and its aroma will also change. Add ghee in the melted gur.


Add saunf and roasted murmure in the cooked Gur.

Mix everything quickly.

Spread the mixture quickly on the greased surface.

It sets real fast so after 2 minutes start breaking the pieces. If it sets in the thali you will have problem in breaking pieces.

Keep in a dry container and Enjoy 🙂
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