Roasted Makhane

roasted makhane healthy snack

                                       Roasted Makhane

Roasted makhane is a very popular snack made in India in winters. Makane are also known as lotus seeds or fox nut and have high nutritive value.

Makhane are also used in many Indian sweets and curries like kheer or matar makhana. These are generally roasted in ghee and then added to ladoos and panjiris too. These are also given to mothers with new born babies to munch on with tea.

You can have the healthy version and roast them in a very little oil and skip adding salt. these can be eaten raw also but roasting really adds to the taste and crispness. These taste just like popcorn after roasting even better than them and my kids love these. These are also ideal to take with you while travelling or going on picnics.

roasted makhane 1

Roasted makhane are quite popular in Jain families too. As some jains do not eat cereals after sunset they can have nuts or these roasted makhane. Some Jains do not eat anything after sunset.
2-3 days back I was talking to my cousin and she was telling me that she is thinking of making makhane ki kheer. Then we started talking about other recipes in which makhane can be used and its nutritive value. I told her about these roasted makhane that I make which are quite healthy. She loved the idea so I thought I will share the recipe with you too 🙂



How to make Roasted Makhane

Preparation time: 10 minutes
cooking time: around 10 minutes

250 grams Makhane
1 tbsp ghee
½ tsp salt ( I use sendha namak)

A pinch of chaat masala

Note:  1. you can make these without salt and chaat masala too. It is your preference.

2 we can roast makhane as a whole too but I have cut Makhane in half before roasting. Sometimes there is a kind of web in Makhana which means it is not fit for eating.

Some makhane are very hard which we realize on cutting. We can avoid them too.


3. Keeping Makhane in sun for sometime before roasting ensures that they take less time on gas.
To make Roasted Makhane

makhane 1

The process is very simple. Heat ghee in a large pan. Add makhane to it. After 2-3 minutes turn the flame to low. Keep turning makhane in pan to ensure even cooking. Roast till they are crisp like popcorns. Mine took around 10 minutes.

After they cool down store them in a dry jar with a tight lid.

roast makhane

Note : Do not touch them with wet hands or they will lose their crispness.

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  2. love toasted makhane. better than any popcorns 😉

  3. Rachna says:

    I love roasted makhane! They are so healthy too.

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