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Sandesh is one of the healthiest Indian desserts. There is no frying or adding ghee. We add sugar but we can reduce or even skip that too by adding sweet fruits. There are so many varieties you can make. I am sharing with you today basic sandesh recipe.

It is really hard to get my elder son to drink milk. He will have it in summers (fruit shakes) but in winters he just does not like hot milk. Curd consumption also decreases in winters. This sandesh comes in handy at times like this. So whenever you have extra milk in fridge try making sandesh of that. Kids will finish all the sandesh and you will not have to worry about their milk intake.


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This is also a perfect recipe for these Exams days as kids need all the nutrition and energy.

With my kids exams going on I am not getting a lot of time to cook different varities. Sometimes I wonder if we also used to study so much for exams. I really don’t think so. Syllabus is getting tougher and lengthier now a days. And kids are getting smarter 😉


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How to make Sandesh

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes+ 3-4 minutes

1 litre milk
Juice of 1 small lemon
1 tsp rose water /kevda
1 ½ -2 tbsp powdered sugar ( while kneading chenna you can taste it and adjust the sugar accordingly)

Few strands of saffron
1 tsp milk

To make Sandesh

boil  make chenna

Boil the milk. When it comes to boil reduce the flame and add lemon juice. Keep stirring for 2 minutes till chenna/paneer separates.

hang chenna 1  ready chenna


Line a strainer with a cotton cloth or a muslin cloth and pour chenna mixture in it. Tie the cloth and let it hang for 20 minutes to remove the whey. This is how chenna is going to look like.

saffron milk

Add saffron strands in 1 tsp of warm milk.

how to press   press chenna

Knead the chenna in a wide thali with the heel of your palm as shown in the photo for about 5 minutes.

add sugar  chenna 1

Add powdered sugar and rose water. Mix thoroughly. Knead for another 2-3 minutes in the same way.

cook chenna  ready chenna 1

Heat the chenna in a non stick or anodized pan on a low flame stirring continuously. This will take around 3-4 minutes. When chenna starts coming together switch off the flame.

set sandesh  spread saffron milk

Spread sandesh in a plate and press with your hands lightly. Spread the saffron milk mixture over the sandesh.
Keep it in fridge to cool. Sandesh tastes best cold.

sandesh 6


sandesh 8


YOu can also try sandesh with Nutella I posted earlier

sandesh with nutella

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  2. Devika Saodekar says:

    This seems to be a perfect receipe, will definitely try it out. I love Bengali mithai and wanted to try something from a long time…This seems to be an easier one to start with.

    • Nidhi says:

      THanks Devika. Sandesh is definitely a worth trying sweet as we can call it healthy also especially for kids. Do give it a try.

  3. Sandesh looks so perfect and yumm
    marudhuskitchen recently posted…sweet lime mosambi juice(sathukudi)My Profile

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