Virgin Orange Mojito

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Virgin Orange Mojito is like taking regular Virgin Mojito to the next level. It is quite similar to virgin Mojito. I have just added some fresh Orange juice to it.

As this is the orange season, fresh Orange juice is quite popular in our house these days. You can use packed juice also for this drink but nothing can beat the taste of fresh oranges. Oranges are so sweet these days that we do not add any sugar to the fresh juice.

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This is the best thing about the month of April. You can enjoy fruits of winters like grapes, oranges and summer fruits like mangoes, watermelons at the same time.

This is the other best thing about April. My balcony is full of these pretty flowers.

I have been thinking of posting some recipes with oranges for quite some time. So after Virgin Sangria I am here with Virgin Orange Mojito. A juicy tasty mocktail with the nutritional benefits of oranges.

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How to make Virgin Orange Mojito

Preparation time: 5 minutes
No cooking required
makes 1 glass Virgin Orange Mojito

1 tbsp sugar
Juice of ½ lemon
5-6 fresh mint leaves
1 slice of Orange cut into small wedges with peel
Juice of 2 Oranges
Ice cubes as desired
100 ml Sprite or club soda
Orange wedges to garnish

To make Virgin Orange Mojito
In a tall glass put sugar and lemon juice and mix them.

Now add mint leaves and Orange wedges.

Crush with the help of back of a spoon or muddler so that the flavor and juices of oranges and mint leaves is released to the drink. Leave the crushed Orange wedges in the glass.

Fill half of the the glass with Orange juice.

virgin orange mojito


Add ice and top up with Sprite or soda and mix well. Garnish with Orange slices and mint leaves. Serve chilled.

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  1. Nice recipes. Love your food blog.

  2. Ranoo says:

    HI! I am collecting igemas to publish in a children’s book and would like to use one of the pictures above. I will give you credit for the image in the book. I just need your permission to use it. Please reply. Thanks a lot!

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