Handmade cards for Diwali

Diwali is just one week away and there is an utter chaos in my house. I still have not started any cooking, there is still a lot of cleaning left, Kids are doing their best to create mess in the house and the worst of all.. my maid decided to take the day off. Now you must be wondering if she is so busy what is she doing here. Just go and finish your work girl.
But I can not. With so much noise both kids fighting all the time I couldn’t bring myself to finish my chores. Last year on Diwali we made rangoli and  decorated Diyas. Check my post Happy Diwali from last year

update : Check my latest post for 10 amazing Diwali craft ideas

That’s why I decided to get kids busy first so that I can finish rest of my work. So we (Axat, me and kids) made some handmade cards for Diwali. The best thing about these cards is that there is minimum of clutter and are very easy to make. All you need is sheets, Sketch pens, glitter cello tapes, glitter colors and buttons. Yeah you heard me right .. buttons. Ok lets get started.

Things required:
Sketch pens
Glitter tapes
Glitter colors

Make designs of your choice. Glitter colors will take around 2-3 hours to dry depending on thickness of line. While wet you can wipe them with a clean dry cloth to clean.

Button cards for Diwali

Things required:
Sketch pens
Glitter tapes
Fevicol/ glue

Make use of all those buttons rather them throwing them.



Hope you have as much fun making these cards as we had.

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11 Responses to Handmade cards for Diwali

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  3. Payal says:

    I Love the ideas of handmade cards on diwali

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  8. palak says:

    Love this! I’m so glad I’ve found someone else doing diwali crafts!

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