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I know, I know. It’s been a long time since I have submitted anything in activity since Diwali. Actually I was enjoying cooking so much that it got a little neglected and with kid’s exams, sports classes and all that didn’t get much time for crafts. I love giving handmade cards(receiving too;-))to relatives and always involve my kids in card making. Luckily I have found a great partner in my elder son who enjoys making cards.

2 easy to make handmade cards | whatscookingmom.in
Today I am sharing two easy to make handmade cards made by my son S. Both these handmade cards are very easy and super fun to make. You can easily vary them according to your choice. So go ahead and make somebody’s day by gifting them these handmade cards.

For this card you will need
Scrapbook sheets
Glitter gel pens
sketch pens
Faber- Castell craft Scissors with 4 creative cuts
glue stick

Just cut leaves and bright colorful flower petals experimenting with different cuts of the scissors. It’s really fun and you will enjoy it as much as your kids. Stick these on a bright colored scrapbook card folded in half. Decorate it with Glitter pens and sketch pens.

For this card you will need
Red Scrapbook sheet
2 paper napkins (I have used pink and white)
glue stick
sketch pens (green and brown)
pencil colors (green and brown)
Butterfly sticker
Green sheet for grass

Fold a red scrapbook sheet in half. Draw and color leaves and stem on it using sketch pen. Cut 3 thin strips of tissue papers. Start rolling with white tissue and fold in pink tissue. You can use only one color also if you like. Press it with your hands a little and stick on the card. Make remaining flowers in the same way. Decorate with stickers.

Inspiration for the cards

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  2. So sweet! I love the pink flowers!

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