5 fast food made healthy

5 fast food made healthy5 fast food made healthy – There is no way we can stop our kids from eating pizza or noodles or even chips. They have become very used to these dishes. And not only kids even we like pizza and noodles. we like to indulge ourselves once or twice a month by having these things.
But kids are not like that. They want these fast food more frequently. So now we have started substituting maida/plain flour base in these recipes with roti/phulka/chappati. Here is a list of 5 fast food made healthy recipes. I will keep on adding more recipes to this list as I try them out.

Here is the list of 5 fast food made healthy

Roti Pizza

Roti pizza is the best way you can make pizza healthy. Cheese is quite ok to give kids and if they have it on our healthy Roti rather than plain flour base even better.
Roti pizza

Roti Noodles

There is no difference in taste in these noodles and regular noodles. when kids don’t feel like having regular food make these.
Roti Noodles - noodles made with left over roti/ chapati

Red kidney bean Burrito

This is my favorite recipe. we add lots of salad to this and homemade eggless mayonnaise.
Just perfect 🙂 No need to buy tortillas.
Healthy red kidney bean burrito

Vegetable Quesadilla

This is a relatively new addition to our menu and can be made with lots of different combinations of vegetables. Go easy on cheese in this recipe.
Vegetable quesadilla


Roti nachos – although these are deep fried  I would still call them healthy in comparison to market bought chips.

Roti Nachos - Nachos/ chips made with left over roti/chapati

We all try to feed our kids healthy meals and reduce maida/ plain flour in their diet. Please share how you make your kids fast food healthy in comments. If you try any of these methods and your kids love them then also please let me know.

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  1. Priti says:

    Absolutely loved the concept of a roti pizza! So simple and delicious, yet something that I haven’t thought about before. All that cheesy goodness in that picture itself made my mouth water. Can’t wait to go home tonight and try out the recipe adding my favourite Go mozzarella cheese on top. Will let you know how it goes!

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