8 Summer drinks

Here is a list of 8 Summer drinks or mocktails or coolers to survive the summers. Our summers would be so unbearable without these drinks. These are also perfect for serving guests while entertaining.

 Virgin Mojito
the magic of lemon mint and sprite/soda……
its sweet and tangy taste will be loved by all of your family.

Virgin Mojito mocktail

watermelon mint cooler

we all know benefits of watermelon. It is a Rich source of vitamins and minerals.

watermelon cooler

Raw Mango Panna

This drink is not only kids favorite it helps in fighting heat stroke also.

raw mango panna

Iced Green Tea

Cool refreshing Iced Green tea to get the benefits of green tea in a cold drink.

Iced Green Tea - A cool healthy refreshing drink for summers

 Bel ka Sharbat

Bel or Wood apple is very healthy and full of fibre. It has a cooling effect on the stomach.

bel ka sharbat

Iced Tea

You have to drink it only once and you will fall in love with it for forever…

cool iced tea

Kesar Badam Milk

Nutritious healthy flavored milk. Can be had both hot or cold.

kesar badam milk 2

Wheatgrass Juice

Full of health and nutrition

wheatgrass juice

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