Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Hi friends. All set to celebrate Valentine’s day!! I really wish valentine’s day could fall on a weekend every year. But seriously, I can not complain this time as we already had a great Valentine’s day celebration, in advance, with some friends last weekend.

So today I’ll share with you some of my favorite recipes for Valentine’s Day. Have a great day, cook some delicious food and express your love and affection to a someone special in your life.

5 Minute chocolate mug cake – This is on top of my list as this is a perfect dessert for Valentine’s day. You can be make it in individual cups or share from the same cup, it’s your choice 😉

Oreo Truffles  – These are very easy to make amd can be prepared in advance and then enjoyed at leisure with your valentine.

Nutella Pop Tarts – I made these last year on valentine’s day. Turned out very delicious!!


Turkish Carrot Truffles – These look really cute, have an adorable red color and are quite healthy.

Vegetarian Spinach Lasagna – This is my favorite recipe for Valentine’s day. As I can finish all the work cooking the lasagna, cleaning the kitchen before Axat is home and then I just have to reheat it whenever required.

Vegetable-Au-Gratin– Prepare your baked veg in advance. Just toast some bread and enjoy it with hot soup.


Vegetable Pie – This is also a complete meal and you’ll be free to sit back and enjoy it with your family.

Hope you have lots of fun making these dishes. Do you have some special dish you prepare on Valentine’s day? If so, we would love to hear about it.

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